Tim Johnson Josh Meier Tom Sills


Saturday, June 3rd, noon until 4pm


34136 Madiera Lane, Sorrento


Afterparty at Orlando Paintball


Please bring...


SPECIAL DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Located in the Sorrento Springs neighborhood. Your GPS device may direct you to an entrance that is for residents only and requires a RFID. Please enter through the main Sorrento Springs gate located off SR44 and next to the Eagle Dunes Golf Club.

Tell the security guard that you are going to the “Johnson Meier Sills Party”.


ORLANDO PAINTBALL: Minimum cost for paintballing will be $35. Some of this cost will cover paintballs. 300 paintballs ($16.95) will last for around 2 – 3 games if used abundantly in a game. If you want to play more than 2 to 3 rounds, it will cost extra. Orlando Paintball Prices/Specials


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